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What is Bone Grafting?

When your body is not using a bone it will actually dissolve the bone so it can use the minerals in the bone elsewhere in the body. This is a neat trick the human body has developed for being more efficient, but the body cannot distinguish between bones we plan to use again and those that are truly retired. So, when a tooth is lost, your body will start to dissolve the bones in your mouth that existed to support the tooth. If this carries on too long, it can prevent the placement of successful dental implants. However, even if your current bone structure can’t properly hold implants you have no bones to pick: except which ones will be used to restore your smile. In this case, you will simply undergo bone graft therapy on your way to implants. Implants, beyond all their obvious benefits, also let your body know you aren’t done with those bones.


This phenomenon of dissolving bones, called bone resorption or atrophy, is also a pronounced way our faces age. Jawbone atrophy changes the shape of our faces and our skin fails to tighten around the smaller bone structure. Overtime, atrophy can also affect the functionality of dentures without implant supports, as your bone continues to recede and your dentures remain the same archaic shape. Luckily, getting a dental implant to replace a lost tooth will remind your body that you’re not done with those bones and stop atrophy by stimulating the bones in your mouth and jaw exactly as your teeth did. However, in some cases, too much bone has dissolved by the time someone decides to get implants. In these cases, the solution is as simple as having a clinician put some bone back.

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Bone grafting can add time to the process of getting dental implants, but it greatly expands the number of people who can be helped by dental implants. Because we believe it is never too late to take back your smile, Dental Implants in the City is happy to offer bone grafts using the full range of available grafting methods and materials to ensure that your personal vision of a healthy full smile is met.

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