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Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

So You're Ready to Take Back Your Smile?

Tooth loss happens. And for a multitude of reasons. That does not mean you have to be without a full, radiant smile. 52% of Americans have experienced tooth loss . You may have lost a permanent tooth due to:

Observable symptoms of periodontitis include:

  • gum disease, also called periodontitis
  • grinding your teeth or bruxing
  • decay or cavities
  • congenital absence: meaning your adult tooth never came in
  • or trauma: you just had a tooth knocked out.

Regardless, a dental implant is the ultimate step in restoring your smile. Yes, dental implants look and feel like real teeth. So, while their ability to restore your quality of life and cosmetic value cannot be overstated, it is also important to consider that your mouth is a system. In short, other parts of your mouth rely on your teeth. So delaying getting a dental implant can allow your jawbone and gums to further deteriorate. Conversely, your teeth or dental implants rely on your gums and other bones in your mouth which are unique to every person. This means you will need to find a team to address the health and unique structure of your whole mouth during the dental implant process.

The miracle that allows Dental Implants in the City to offer you this opportunity is titanium's unique ability to fuse with bone. This process is called osseointegration. It is the same biologic process and material used in hip replacement.Sometimes it is necessary to have bone grafting along with an implant if you do not have enough bone to support an implant.Bone grafts stimulate your own bone cells to replace the graft with your own native bone.

Given how far reaching the benefits of dental implants are, including their importance to your health, the discussion really comes down to one question: are you ready to take back your smile?

No Two Mouths are Alike

The mouth is a system. The various parts: your jawbone, gums and teeth; are all interdependent. Sometimes tooth loss is the result of losing necessary supports in related parts of your mouth and other times, losing a tooth causes the decay of supports it used to rely on. Further, each person's mouth reacts differently to the various causes of tooth loss.

Getting a dental implant is addressing your mouth as the unique system it is. Accordingly, you will need to recruit a surgeon with both the necessary technical capacity as well as the personal experience and attention to individualized needs that are crucial to the success of a dental implant. While Dental Implants in the City consistently finds itself on the cutting edge of the technical side of the field, our pride rests on our commitment to forming a personal relationship with each of our patients and prioritizing their specific needs. In the case of dental implants, not only because this is the type of service you deserve, but also because it is paramount to your success in taking back your smile.

Your Mouth is a System

As we've discussed, tooth loss happens for various reasons, to a wide range of people whose mouths react in different ways. We will work with you to identify a personalized plan for removing any barriers to your full, healthy smile. This involves a thorough health screening. Whether you need to work with your doctor or undergo other oral procedures as part of your implant process, we'll be there with you through the process and ensure you have the necessary supports for your implant to succeed.

Conditions that may need attention before your dental implant:

  • taking certain medications: we will work you and your doctor to find a plan that works
  • severe diabetes
  • conditions compromising your mouth's support structure: we have the best available treatment options in-house
  • certain lifestyle choices: such as smoking or regular, heavy drinking

Once we have identified and addressed your unique health needs, we go on to create a map of your mouth using x-rays and CT scans. This, along with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health allows us to work with you in drafting an implant plan that will meet your individualized needs and goals. If no two mouths are alike then no two dental implants should be, so we employ a variety of different implant methods and will engage you in a discussion about which one best accommodates your needs and goals. This collaborative effort to find the right anchor for your oral health is the number one determining factor of success in restoring your mouth's support system to happy equilibrium.

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