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“Ligaya” in my language means joy, and this is what I bring to the office every morning through smiles and a positive attitude. Here we strive to provide our patients with a warm and caring atmosphere. I enjoy seeing our patients pleased with the services that they have received. We are a family, with a goal to provide our patients with the best treatment possible!

Raychel has been working in the dental field for over 4 years now as a dental assistant. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Music with a focus in Vocal Performance. Her long term goal is to become a Dental Hygienist so she can continue caring for patients. When she is not in the office hard at work, she is on stage performing with her dance group “Ligaya Cultural Group” and her band “Moshi Moshi”.

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Rachel Yang


Dr. Rachel Yang immigrated to the United States in her teenage years to pursue an opportunity in the field of medicine. As early as she can remember, it was her dream to help those in need of medical help, especially for those who were not fortunate enough to receive proper care. To begin her journey to help others, she studied biology with concentration of molecular biology and biochemistry at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. While in college she decided to volunteer for a number of outreach activities that were sponsored by university hospitals. Her exposure to these activities not only emboldened her desire to help those in need but obtain the practical experience of creating strong relationships with her patients.

Her next step was to pursue her dental degree at the New York University College of Dentistry, a well-esteemed and rigorous program. After receiving her doctorate, she spent a number of years working in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland, providing dental care for underprivileged patients. She was the most sought out dentist in the office providing dental services for more than 60 patients a day. Although it was one of the most challenging moments of her life, it was also the most rewarding experiences she had. Her ability to provide quality care to those who needed it the most and the relationships created during her tenure has helped define her career as a dentist.

She continued to pursue her education at NYU’s Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, studying under world renowned professors. Her continued education will always remain the forefront of her career so that she can provide her patients with the best possible care.

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“Positive Outlook On Life”, that’s the key for a brighter day and to start everything in a right path. A beautiful smile with a light feeling, that’s what we offer and create for our patient while boosting and improving their self-confidence. I make our patients feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed with the treatment of kindness, gentleness and a precious smile and that’s what I offer to each and every patient that I encounter with, inside the office. “We provide all our patients with the best possible quality care.”

Mary Arleen has been in the dental field for more that 32 years and as a nurse for 11 years. She graduated in Centro Escolar University in the Philippines with the degree of Doctor Of Dental Medicine and after which, got the Bachelor of Science in Nursing on 2005. She loves attending the service at her awesome HILLSONG Church in NYC. She enjoys traveling, loves line dancing and meeting people.

Implant Specialist in Midtown East



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