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Gum Grafting

Another Recession?

Recession is rarely a concept we get excited about. Thankfully, in some contexts the solution is more straightforward than others. In the case of your gums, recession is important to address, but won't require soliciting any stimulus packages. All you will need is a gum graft.

Gum recession is the term for when your gums begin to detach from your teeth and progressively whither away. Gum recession is essentially a consequence of gum disease, but can arise directly from brushing your teeth too hard. In the latter case, if you do not get a gum graft, you are likely to develop gum disease as bacteria move into the space left between your teeth and gums. In either case, leaving gum recession untreated will lead to exposed roots, higher risk of developing diabetes and eventually tooth loss.

Recognizing Gum Recession

People experiencing gum recession typically first report having sensitive teeth. Advanced gum recession is also recognizable by your teeth appearing longer. Your best bet for recognizing gum recession? Getting a periodontist appointment. Like with any problem, the quicker you identify gum recession or gum disease and begin to intervene, the simpler it is to address. Gum recession is not easy for the lay eye to pick out before it has progressed to a point where it is can cause other problems. If your periodontist catches your gum recession before it has gone on too long, you may be able to avoid surgery and address the issue through a deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing. If not, then don't fret. Gum grafting is an affordable and relatively painless procedure.

Free Gingival Grafts

Free gingival grafts are similar to a connective tissue graft except that instead of cutting a flap to remove tissue underneath, a small amount of tissue is taken directly from the roof of the mouth. This tissue is then placed and attached directly to the gum area being treated. Dentists prefer this method for those who have naturally thin gums.

Want Some Gum (back)?

Getting a gum graft is simply putting the missing gum back. As with any treatment we offer, your gum graft will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. People whose gums have only minimally receded can use gum surrounding the area of the recession to repair the damage. On the flip side, even the deepest recessions can be addressed through taking gum from the roof of your mouth: leaving you with the sensation that you have burnt the roof of your mouth for a couple days.

While getting to the game early is always best, gum grafts may be used in conjunction with laser gum surgery or dental implants as part of your journey to a handsome, healthy smile: regardless of what condition of oral health you are coming from. Come in and let us help you find your path.