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Dentures With and Without Implant Supports

Do you currently have dentures or are considering switching to implant supports? Consider what would be the best fit for your replacement teeth: old-fashioned dentures or implant supported dentures. Either way, we are glad you’re here. It is important to know your options so you can make an educated choice. You may find unsupported dentures more functional or prefer the hassle-free comfort of implants. Implants are a sustainable long-term solution that can fit any lifestyle.

Removable Overdentures

It is possible to get implant supported overdentures that remove at night to clean or fixed brides that are just like natural teeth and are not removed at home. The overdenture option is like getting traditional dentures but with the benefits of implants: increased comfort, long lasting effectiveness and stopping bone atrophy. Overdentures cover your gums and the roof of your mouth like traditional dentures. It takes 2-4 implants for a stable lower denture and typically 4-6 for a stable upper denture. They are typically only preferable over fixed bridges for people who have had dentures in the past, especially since you can upgrade to fixed bridges from over dentures at any time.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges work like individual implants on a larger scale, however you don’t need implants for every tooth. Bridge refers to the teeth that are supported by implants not directly underneath them, such that the implants are like the support towers in a bridge. You will need a few more implants than with overdentures. It typically works out to 5 or 6 implants for a full lower fixed bridge and a minimum of 6 for a full upper fixed bridge. While you will need to get more implants, fixed bridges are widely prefered to overdentures because you might as well have a new set of teeth with these beauties. As the word fixed implies, your new bridges will not be going anywhere while you are trying to eat or speak. They don’t cover your gums or the roof of your mouth, so they they don’t typically impact speech at all and look very natural. You leave them in all the time and brush them like natural teeth. Fixed bridges are nothing less than a fresh start.

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