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I am writing this note to thank you for the on time attention given to me yesterday, and for expertly and professionally providing and fitting the temporary tooth for the gap in my teeth. Now I will not have to deal with all the unwanted and unnecesary questions from my office staff about what happened to my tooth. Thank you very much and have a great day. - David Fianko

Bernie really enjoyed coming to your office - Funny, someone enjoying going to a dentist. You were always so good to him and me. Just be well and happy - Thank you, again Joyce Landau

I wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for yesterday. It is rare that you find such warmth in New York City. Thank you for your gentle approach and professionalism. I am so glad that I decided to get a second opinion and that it led me to this office. I am truly grateful. - Clint Fisher

Hi Dr. Berman,

Thank you for referring me to Dr. Gomez. She is very nice & very professional.

The laser procedure to correct my gum infection was quick & painless. Recovery was fine.

I hope you will refer other patients to her for this same treatment. It was a great way to correct a gum infection.


Judy Bliss

I would recommend Dr. Gomez to anyone who would like to be well taken care of. Because of my dental history, I was very apprehensive about finding good care in New York. On a friends recommendation I went to see Dr. Gomez. From the time I walked into the office I was treated with respect and care. I was seen promptly at my scheduled appointment time and the hygienist was gentle and very thorough. I knew I was in competent hands because during my cleaning I did not feel any discomfort and pain. Dr. Gomez listened to all of my concerns, which I appreciated tremendously. All in all, this was the best dental visit I have ever had. I would highly recommend Dr. Gomez and her staff for their high level of competence and compassion.- Jillian, July 2010

I have always wanted to work with a dentist (general practitioner, periodontist, surgeon, et al) who would do his or her work in a kindly, attentive, thorough, and expeditious manner. Throughout my long history of dental care, I have had practitioners who exhibited some, but not all of the above stated qualities. Dr. Cynthia Gomez has advised, consulted, diagnosed, and done periodontal work in a manner that encompasses, for me, all these requirements. For her work with me, I have grateful. For her performance as a professional, she should be prized and emulated.- Leanne Martinson, February 2003

I had the pleasure of being recommended to Dr. Cynthia Gomez for some dental work. At the time, I had no idea how severe my problem was, and really made light of it, because I HATE DENTISTS and hadn't been to one in a zillion years! I recall the first visit to Dr. Gomez, the first question I asked her was, Do you put people to sleep, because that's the only way I can see a dentist?She smiled that Dr. Gomez's smile, and said, If I did, how could you enjoy my wonderful company? Right then, I was all hers. She explained in detail what my problem was, how it could be corrected, showed me diagrams, and explained the procedure as she went along about what she was doing and saying, and definitely chided me when I started acting like a quarter of my age. I must also give great props to her staff, Aureen and Pisha. They are a dynamic duo, and I must commend their professionalism and friendliness. I love those guys! They are a reflection of Dr. Gomez and the warmth felt in her office. My dental work with Dr. Gomez is still ongoing, however the only regret I have is, I wish she could be my permanent dentist instead of just my specialist!- Much love Dr., Patti Pitt

Dear Cynthia Gomez,

Through this letter I would like you to know how grateful I am to you, in your success of taking care of my mouth. When I arrived at your office, I was suffering from an unbearable pain. A pain that no painkiller could alleviate. Seeking some relief I exceeded the amount of Extra-Strength Tylenol. The pain was still there and even more unbearable. I still continued to visit my dentist, whom I have been seeing for more than a year now. I was hoping he could find the problem on why I am in such excruciating pain; he failed to do so. My dentist advised me to go and see you, which I was very thankful for because it was a few days after my visit to you that I was free from pain and very happy with the results!- Thank you so much sincerely, Linda Rodriguez

Dear Dr. Gomez,

I had been to many periodontists over a period of many years, so that when I first came into your office, I knew what to expect.

I had had very little dental surgery, mostly maintenance, so that when you did do surgery, I was scared. You were amazing. It was painless, but I was nervous about the pain after. There was none. Thank you for making my experience so easy for me. - Arlene Lovenvirth

In my wildest dreams I never believed that I would even look forward to going to a dentist's office. Thanks for Dr. Gomez, going to the dentists is truly enjoyable.

With all the periodontal work, surgery, implants, and extractions that I have had, I have never ever experienced a moment of discomfort. I always think of her hands as golden.

The super bonus that I received from all my office visits is that each time I always leave having learned something new and fascinating. She has introduced me to the wonders of Feng Shui, she has told me all about the deep love, support, and importance of family in the Asian culture, all fun of owning a golden Labrador retriever I could go on and on.

Dr. Gomez has taken a sincere interest in orchestrating my prosthodontist's appointments with hers and always has gone of her way to accommodate and counsel me.

So often one hears horror stories of painful, unpleasant visits to the dentist…how sorry I feel for those unfortunate people because I have been truly blessed to have Dr. Gomez as my dentist. - Rennie Kapla