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Recovery That Isn’t Like Pulling Teeth

Tooth extraction is a last resort, but it’s not a rarity. If there is no saving a tooth and you need to clear room for implants or other restorative prosthetics, stop the spread of a gum infection or a tooth is coming in the wrong direction, an extraction may be suggested. Especially since you might actually experience the phenomenon, we want to remind you that we are committed to making the rest of the process nothing like pulling teeth (Don’t worry, with modern anesthetics you don’t feel the procedure). With some of the best reviewed staff in the city as well as a patient-centric approach to pre-op and after care, even if you are literally pulling teeth, Dental Implants in the City will deliver a positive experience. It is typical for people to resume normal activities within 48 hours of a extraction, but this will vary from person to person. Accordingly, we take the time to get to know every patient, their needs, and their goals in treatment, so you can have an aftercare plan by you and for you.

Simple Vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

Simple extractions are those extractions in which:

  1. Enough of the tooth is exposed for the clinician to secure the tooth with an extraction tool without any surgical intervention
  2. The tooth can be pulled straight out

All other situations involving more complex extraction methods such as the need to access a tooth surgically are considered surgical extraction. Surgical extractions are necessary when:

  1. A tooth is broken off at the gum line
  2. A tooth never poked through the gum line
  3. Any other situation in which surgery is required
The primary differences for you to note are:
  1. Price point: surgical extractions are more expensive than simple
  2. A potential for longer recovery times with surgical extractions

The Periodontist’s Perspective

While a tooth extraction is a conceptually simple procedure, in practice, your clinician has a lot to take into consideration, especially for surgical extractions. Such considerations include, but are not limited to: if there is truly no way to save the tooth or teeth, what path should be taken while pulling the tooth out, and what other care may need to be included in your course of treatment. An extraction is likely your first step in a course of treatment including dental implants to restore your smile or treatment to control gum disease. This being the case, you’re going to want a clinician that is committed and equipped to take the long view while performing your extraction. With that in mind, when choosing who will perform your extraction you may want to take these points into consideration:

  1. What tools that clinician has to work with
  2. What technology they have at their disposal for modeling your mouth and planning the extraction
  3. What their specialty is: general dentistry, oral surgery or periodontology (gum doctoring)

Education and Special Training

Dr. Gomez has terminal degrees in all of the fields mentioned above, including two doctoral degrees. More importantly, in addition to the most comprehensive and intensive training one could imagine, she has been practicing award winning oral surgery and periodontal medicine for more than 20 years. The sum of Dr. Gomez’s experience has created a technically supreme eye applied with a holistic awareness. Not only do we have New York’s premier clinician practicing at Dental Implants in the City, we have CT-scan, digital x-ray and intraoral camera capabilities in-house. Dr. Gomez is equipped with the premier technology for modelling your mouth and planning your extraction. When exceptional experience meets state-of-the-art tools, positive outcomes are unavoidable. Finally, but most importantly, Dr. Gomez applies that exceptional experience in a patient-centric way, meaning that not only is she able to bring your vision for your oral health to fruition, she is more than willing to.

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